В данной контрольной работе представлено 5 заданий разных типов.

Задание 1. Проверка знания правил образования и употребления Present Continuous.

Напишите формулу (конструкцию) образования Present Continuous Tense.

Напишите не менее 3 глаголов, которые не употребляются во времени Present Continuous.

Какие обстоятельства времени обычно указывают на то, что глагол в предложении должен быть во времени Present Continuous?

Какое значение имеет конструкция to be going to?

Задание 2. Поставьте глагол в правильную форму.

Please be quiet. I (try) to concentrate.

Look! It (snow).

Why (you/wear) your coat today? It’s very warm.

Excuse me, I (look) for a phone box. Is there one near here?

Listen! Can you hear those people next door? They (shout) at each other again.

Задание 3. Соедините части предложения из правой и левой колонок таблицы.

The population of the world  

to the theatre tonight.

Don’t make a noise,

a newspaper in the library.

We are going

is rising very fast.

He is reading

getting better?

Is your English

he is working.

Задание 4. Перед вами вопросы во времени Present Continuous. Поставьте C (correct) напротив вопросов, которые составлены верно, и W (wrong) – напротив вопросов, которые составлены неверно.

Where you are staying? – I’m staying at my friends.

Why are they looking at us?

He is waiting for you now?

Is it rain?

What do we doing here?

Задание 5. Решите 5 тестов (только один ответ верный).

1. A: What _____ she ____ now?
    B: I don’t know.

A) does / do
B) do / do
C) is / doing
D) is / do

2. A: _____ are we _____?
    B: To the class.

A) When / going
B) Where / go
C) When / go
D) Where / going

3. A: Oh no! It _____. We can’t go out.
    B: It always _____ here in March.

A) is snowing / snows
B) snows / ’s snowing
C) ’s snow / snows
D) snows / snows

4. I _____. Because it’s my happiest day today.

A) jumping
B) jump
C) ’m jumping
D) jumped

5. Is my English _____ better.

A) gets
B) get
C) getting
D) to get




Задание 1.

to be + V+ing

know, want, forget, love, seem, understand

now, at this moment

Конструкция to be going to имеет значение «собираться», «намереваться».

Задание 2.

am trying

is snowing

are you wearing

am looking

are shouting

Задание 3.

The population of the world is rising very fast.
Don’t make a noise, he is working.
We are going to the theatre tonight.
He is reading a newspaper in the library.
Is your English getting better?

Задание 4.






Задание 5.







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