Развитие навыков монологической и диалогической речи.

Совершенствование навыков чтения и письма.

Воспитание внимательного отношения к своему здоровью.

Воспитание культуры общения.

Учебные пособия: карточки, презентация, доска.


I. Организационный момент

(Сообщение задач урока)

Т: Good morning dear boys and girls. Today we are going to a trip. As you know "Health is the greatest wealth". But health depends on many factors. It is important what you eat, how you care about yourself, if you fond of sport… Now you will divide into two teams and we find out who is healthier.


II. Приветствие

Т: Now each team have to think up the name of your team and your motto. But they should be associated with healthy lifestyle. You have 5 minutes.


III. Части тела.

Т: Your first task is to label the parts of the human body. Let’s see who is faster…

(Команды подписывают части тела)


IV. Брейн-ринг

T: You should be not only healthy but wise. Now we'll have brain-ring.

(На карточках написаны слова, а ученики дают им определения.)

Give definition to the words (1st team)

Hospital- A place where we get medical help.

Prescription (рецепт) - A sheet of paper with the help of which we take medicine at the chemist.

Health- A state of being well.

An eye- A part of a body that helps us to see the world.



Give definition to the words (2nd team)

Pill (таблетка) - Small round things that we take to recover.

Doctor- A person who gives us medical help.

Ambulance (скорая помощь)- А саг that takes a patient to the hospital.

A nose- A part of a body that helps us to smell.


V. Повторение грамматического материала (употребление модального глагола should/shouldt)

Т: Let's make Health Code. Here are some cards.

(Ученики вписывают"should/should't" в предложения).

Complete the sentences with should/ shouldn’t

You                       eat vegetables and fruit.

You                       drink hot milk and honey.

You                      eat unfresh food.

You                       sleep 8 hours a day.

You                       get wet in rainy weather.

You                       do morning exercises.

You                       walk too much in cold weather.

You                      drink cold water.

You                       air the room.

You                       consult a doctor every 3 months.

You                       drink much coffee.

You                       eat a lot of sweets (salt).

You                      watch TV too much.


VI. Развитие навыков монологической речи

Т: Now we'll go fishing. Here is a lake and fish with different diseases. You must get a fish and your friends will give you some advices.

(Ученики при помощи удочки с магнитом ловят рыб, на которых написаны названия болезней. Другие дают им советы).

Р: I have a headache.

Р: You should consult a doctor.

Р: You shouldn't watch TV too much.


VII. Совершенствование навыков чтения (презентация)

Т: Now let’s read the rules you should follow to keep fit.

Ok. I want you to answer some questions. (Учащиеся отвечают на вопросы – слайд). Ready? Let’s check your answers. Who is closer?


VIII. Развитие навыков монологической речи

Т: Do you know what food is good for you and what is bad?


IX. Развитие навыков письма

Т: And the last task for you is a test, that helps you to know your healthy level.

Заключительный этап

T: The first day of our trip has come to an end. Let's make the conclusion to our work. You have shown us your knowledge in the sphere of medicine. You can have a talk with a doctor; you know some proverbs and some medical definitions. And we hope that you will take care of your health not only at the lessons but also in everyday life. And there are some tips for you.

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